Looking forward to 2017

“Sometimes we ask to be spared from these ‘hard’ situations. Yet often they are the very things that help us the most. From deep trails comes deeper testimonies. If we aren’t willing to pass through these ‘tight places,’ we may not get the strength of testimony that God intends us to have.”
~ John H. Groberg

I love this quote and I don’t think I’m anywhere close to ask for any trials to come my way to grow just yet!  But it is so true that we grow the most during the ‘hard’ times in our lives.

So this is the time we normally set some goals set for the new year.  I have a few things I would love to add on my list, one is definitely to make sure that I try and stay faithful in doing my daily blog post and to keep my photography post up to date as I have been very bad with especially the photography posts.

Some goals and happenings for the year 2017:

  • I would like to do a quilt this year.  I have a picture in my head and would start soon, so watch this space for more about this project.
  • Learn something new in my photography.
  • Yes, I need to lose a few kilos this year.  Do a hike again…
  • Our last year of seminary and I’m excited for this.
  • My Bronwen is coming home…

So this will be an exciting year for sure!

Some of my favourite photos of this year…

I have so many more, but my dear hubby left my laptop in Zambia and I’ve stored my photos on my Apple Hard drive and can only get to it via my laptop.  Needless to say he was in the dog box for a few days about it and I’m still getting upset when I think about it.  Hopefully I will have it home soon again!

Something to think about:

Jeffrey R. Holland said: “No one makes us mad. Others don’t make us angry. Becoming angry is a conscious choice or decision. Therefore, we can make the choice not to become angry. We choose!”


Karina’s Matric farewell photos

Thank you Karina for trusting me to take your photos for your matric farewell the 30th of September 2016.  I can honestly say you are the young lady with the most gorgeous eyes ever!

As I have said before I love to take photos with the family as well and we were fortunate to have Ouma Lilly and Oupa Johan there as well.  Jan (dad) thank you for your patience, Erika (mom) and Lourens (brother)  You were all absolutely champions and I struggle to choose favourites!

We had so much fun during this shoot.  We literally drove over the whole of Bethlehem…  And got such a great story line and I edited it in a different style to suit the props we used.  Just loved it!


I love taking photos of gorgeous people…

Karina thank you so much for trusting me to take your matric farewell photos and to preserve your memories for a lifetime to come.  You looked stunning and I enjoyed doing the shoot.

Mionè Matric farewell 2016

I had the wonderful opportunity to take some photos of Mionè and her family during her matric farewell shoot on the 30th of September 2016.  She’s a scholar at Witteberg High School in Bethlehem and looked absolutely stunning.

I always like to include the whole family during my matric farewell shoots.  Some family photos:

Alwyn (dad) and Surita (mom) you have stunning children!  Thank you for being easy models to work with Mionè, Alwyn and Kaylee.  The Shield family was a pleasure to shoot…

My advice to any young lady is to choose a date that you know you would have fun with and that is a gentleman and would treat you well.  Mionè you done well, Gerrie is a friendly young man with wonderful manners and the camera loved him!

And obviously we need some black and white photos, I love my b&w photos!

Thank you for trusting me with your special memories.  You guys were awesome!

Laurette and Marianka friendship shoot

I had the opportunity to take photos of friends Laurette and Marianka.  I love taking photos of friends and by doing so, you capture memories for a lifetime.  In twenty years time, they can reflect back on the friendship.  I believe we need to capture each of the stages in our lives to preserve these memories for a lifetime.

In life, having a friend is like a mirror and shadow; the mirror does not lie and the shadow never leaves you…  And they say that girls can survive without a boyfriend, but cannot survive without a best friend!

If you want to start preserving your memories, give me a call and book a shoot.  Remember a picture speaks a thousand words…

Thank you Laurette and Marianka for trusting me to take photos of your beautiful friendship.

Bethlehem Airshow

It was awesome and I haven’t even seen all of the acts.  But the ones that I caught was absolutely breathtaking.  Loved it!

It was for sure a wonderful experience and one I will most definitely attend again next year.

The airshow on the 27th of August 2016 here in Bethlehem attract thousands of people, I haven’t seen so many people in our little town, ever.  This has been the 17th year of the show and I think every year it gets better and attract more people.

Well done Dihlabeng Municipality for an awesome show this year.


Newborn, sitter and maternity workshop

This past week I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one session with Chelsea from Kist Photography and I would like to share just a few photos I’ve taken during this session.  We covered newborn, I love newborn photos and I’m a little bit of a starker on some of the newborn photographers pages, but I’m still not sure if I will venture into doing it myself just yet.  I will give it a try on my own this coming week with my hairdresser’s friend’s baby girl.  If you want me to try with your baby give me a ring and let’s see if I can do it.  Hopefully I won’t land up in the Pinterest nailed it section…


This little one is a full 5 days young and she was such a trooper.  Very strong willed little girl and so sweet!  I will do a few practice rounds to see if it is something I will get into first.  So if you know of someone that wants me to practice on their sweet tiny little humans give me a ring.

I love the sitters and it is definitely something I will do!


These little ones were so cute and as soon as I have edited more I will do another blog post dedicated to sitters.

And we end the day with the Maternity session.  And were these ladies brave?!  They got dressed in these gorgeous maternity dresses not made for winter outside at all, but looked stunning.  Thank you Nicole and Esti for being our brave models for the day, so I could practice on you.

And once again when I’m done with the editing I will dedicate a post to each of them.

Why do a Friendship Shoot?

Why is it important to do friendship shoots?  Today with the technology of cellphones it makes it easy to snap a few photos, so why use a photographer to do a shoot?  Growing up we did not use photographers for anything other than taking our wedding photos.  I actually grew up before the digital world so if you did take photos it was on film strip and then you had to go develop it once the film roll was full.  Hope and pray that the photos came out good.  No cellphones to take selfies with, yes, yes I am that old!!!


While going through my files of photos to add in the post I came upon this one and it is one of my favourites, for a whole lot of reasons…  having had just brothers I was lucky enough to have only 4 daughters and a sister is your first friend ever and also the friend that you have for a lifetime.  Sister love is the best kind of love out there!  This specific photo was taken to send to the 4th sister while serving a mission in the England London Mission.  It is time I take a photo of the three in South Africa to send to our island girl in Jamaica serving her mission in the Jamaica Kingston Mission

Some friends is seasonal and others is sisters for life.  No matter how far away and how long ago you haven’t seen each other you will always have a bond.

So why do we need to get some done by a photographer other than a cellphone photographer with all sorts of filters and stuff you get on your cellphone devices?  There is a thrill attached to getting a photo-shoot done, you get your hair done, do a little effort on your wardrobe and then you have the real thing.  And think of it, is it worth paying someone to get the experience of doing a friendship shoot?  Hell yea!!!  But it doesn’t end here, remember some friends are seasonal and others for a lifetime…  Do yourself the favour and book with your local photographer for a friendship shoot, get all dressed up, do your make-up (and a make-up artist is any photographers best friend) and have fun and capture this moment for a lifetime and for your prosperity.

A picture can capture memories for a lifetime…