Graanveld vs Ladybrand

Tamaran use to be a relief teacher at Graanveld Primary for one of the teachers that was on maternity leave and then Clarissa did her practical teaching period at the same primary school. That is how I started getting involved to take the rugby photos of this match at school. A first for me to do a rugby match of such young little ones and it was awesome to watch!

Oh, just for the record Graanveld won the match!

I used my Canon60D and my Tamron 70-200mm lens and needless to say was suffering for a few days afterwards. Man that lens is awesome and so so heavy, I need to learn to support my back more while using it. Just a note, if wanting to do sport photography get a longer zoom, but i was pretty happy with what I got. Must add I was right next to the side line…

I opt to not shoot in Manual mode, but in AV and I was pretty happy with the end results. I really need to play around more with the different setting on my camera…


Birthdays, baptism and more…

I have written this more than a week ago and forgot to post it… I actually did not forgot, but lost my phone and was doing it partly on my phone and partly on my desktop. Losing my phone is a whole different post on its own! I will surely write soon and share the link on here as soon as I have done so.

It is Monday again and to keep to my resolution of posting on either every Monday or Tuesday (as my app told me it is better to post on Tuesdays), it is time for me to start writing a post quickly. I have taken a few different photos this weekend and going this afternoon to take some action sport photos for one of the teachers at Graanveld Primary School. At least this force me to become a little more active with my camera.

How awesome is this? Bronwen served her mission in Jamaica Kingston mission and end her mission in Sav area. This young missionary Elder Francis is serving in Bethlehem and he is a young man that was living in the area Bronwen finished her mission in. From Jamaica Kingston mission to the South Africa Durban mission. A small world indeed. Also this photo on the left gave me the most likes I ever had on a photo in Facebook, pretty awesome if you ask me!

This Sunday we had the privilege to attend Khanya’s Baptism. He is such a spiritual boy and I am happy I could attend his baptism and take a few photos for him. I love this family!

Sunday was a busy day! It was Juandre’s birthday as well. So we walked down to the dam to take a few photos. He is such a good friend to the girls! It is not easy living in a little town where all the young people leave as soon as they graduate from high school. To have such a wonderful friendship to go for milkshakes and play board games and even watch Frederik’s movies is very special. (I literally can recite some of these movies already.)

My gear I used for the photos is my Canon 60D, some people frown at my camera, but I love it and it does not have to stand back for any of the newer more professional brothers. Don’t get me wrong I really would not mind shooting with a 5D or even 6D full frame, but it is just so expensive that the normal person on the street like me, just cannot afford it. Being a hobbyist photographer it makes no financial sense to take out that kind of money anyway! I used my Tamron 24-70 for both the first blocks of images and my Tamron 70-200 for the friendship photos. I really love the quality photos that the 70-200 take, but boy my old back can’t handle it for too long. It really is a heavy lens, but it is an awesome lens.

Love my family…

I haven’t used my WordPress account to write a post in such a long time as I was keeping my blogger blog up to date and it was just too much to do it on both of the sites. But this morning when I signed in again to do a post the warning sign came up for the 100th time that the post is not secure and so I thought let me go back to WordPress and see if I get the same warning signs, no warnings just yet! I take that as a good sign…

Saturday we took a drive to Golden Gate and took a few photos of the girls and obviously my little Frederik. I have a whole bunch of photos I would still have to edit, but like to share some already done.

Why do I love photography so much? Photos tells a story and it helps us to preserve some memories for ourselves as well as our posterity.

I love taking photos of my family and therefor most of my photos is of my own family, but I also have some favourite people I like to take photos of and so you can say I am a family and friends kind of photographer.

When I shared the photo of Frederik with his ouma Marita, she responded by telling me that Francois use to collect bricks as well. Frederik is looking and acting more and more like his daddy.

Taking photos of an almost 18 month old can be very challenging, but he is definitely one of my favourite people to take photos of. My next favourite person to photograph is his buddy Ernst.

Is this not just the cutest photo of him? As I have said taking photos of this age group can be very challenging, but so rewarding when you get a snap of such a gorgeous smile! I must add he gave me exactly 4 photos and then he had enough. Some daddy’s act like this as well…

The perfect wife … or not!

The perfect wife … or not!

From little we get told as girls that we need to be the perfect wife one day…  Heck even at Church we were told that we need to obey our husbands who in turn will obey The Lord.  So does this make me inferior to the men?  Does this mean I don’t have a say?  No and a million times NO!!!  I have equal rights to any man walking this earth.  And young ladies don’t let anybody make you believe differently!  And you men out there don’t think because your wife loves you and spoils you, that that is your right, no it’s not.  Woman in general is just more giving, more nurturing and therefore we love spoiling others, but don’t ever think that is because we have to do it!

I can actually see all of you frowning at this exact moment trying to figure out why I am so passionately going off on this topic today…  Well let me enlighten your minds.  I was listening to President Gordon B. Hinckley’s video clip ‘The Woman in Our Lives’ and he was defending the importance of Woman in this life…  Video clip for our seminary lesson this evening.

This morning I was anything but the perfect wife or example, I was up early enough, but got busy only got around to get bathed and dress after 11h00.  Never ever start your day with Family History before you have gotten dressed.  I have Wayne’s 4 generation filled and all my girls’ as well, but alas I have one ancestor that is so stubborn, and no Julie not our common ancestor Cornelia Christina Anna BAKKER, whom I would be eternally grateful for your help…  No, I am talking about my great grandmother from my Dad’s side, Maud Eliza REID, I’m struggling to find her parents, a witness on her marital certificate happens to be a William REED, they have a middle name, but boy this guy’s handwriting is BAD!!!  Anyway that’s beyond the point…  The point is don’t start searching for your missing ancestors before getting ready in the morning…

At least I have officially finished the placemats for Danielle (they were meant to be a gift at one of her kitchen teas and she’s married for a month already).  I am super stoked with myself and my corners.  Have I mentioned how I love Pinterest?


I really had a tough time with my corners and with the tutorial of a few post combined I think I have finally figured it out and this is my method of choice now.  And with more practice, will come perfection…

I can actually tackle my UFO’s in the cupboard and finish them all.

Just need to get myself a long-arm to quilt my super big Bargello.  Maybe I should just move to the USA so I can get myself all of the tools to finish my UFO’s…  Maybe just a visit…


This was most definitely a fun top to work on, but far too big to do the quilting on my normal machine, maybe I must just try…  I can still remember how Francois and I wrecked the poor woman’s stall at the quilt-fair, but we have done well with the colours!  Francois this one is yours, eventually…

To get back to my original topic, what is perfect anyway?  I think my children are fantastic and as close to perfect as any human can be, my husband is still alive…  We eat most nights a proper cooked meal…  So what is perfect anyway?
Just do yourselves a favour and listen to Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk, ‘Be Ye Therefore Perfect—Eventually

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Trying to catch up with my photography posts…

Oh wow, I actually feel guilty for neglecting my blog…  I had the opportunity to take some photos of a wedding in Lesotho and it was amazing.  I love the couple and this said couple has moved to Cape Town in the meantime.

Stunning people and I know that they will for sure make it far in life, Mr and Mrs Shao

My daughter Danielle is now a Mrs Wainwright and so she had a wedding in between as well…


I am going to be a grandmother, not sure what I want to be called, either Nanna or Ouma…  Super excited about this new stage of our lives!

These photos was taken to announce on FB that they were expecting…

The weekend of the 24th of September was our last ‘pay weekend’ visit till after Frederik’s appearance so no visit during October…  I was allowed to take some photos, but I must add I only get to take 10 photos, thank you Francois for being so kind.

Next photos would be of my little grandson himself!

My Lissie, aka Clarissa had her matric farewell and that is just sad, as this means that my baby is also going into her next stage of her life…

I know I was taught this past week that I need to label my photos and I promise with my next batch of photos it would be labelled other than IMG…


Marisa’s Matric Farewell shoot

You have only one Matric Farewell that is your own…  And Marisa you looked like a fairy princess, absolutely stunning!


I love taking some photos of family members at the same time.


And no shoot is a shoot without any black and white photos…

Or a collage or two…

Marisa 4 Matric Farewell

Good luck with your end exams.  It is just a few short weeks and this chapter is also completed and you will enter a new stage in your life.  Enjoy every moment and make loads of memories that will last you a lifetime.

Looking forward to 2017

“Sometimes we ask to be spared from these ‘hard’ situations. Yet often they are the very things that help us the most. From deep trails comes deeper testimonies. If we aren’t willing to pass through these ‘tight places,’ we may not get the strength of testimony that God intends us to have.”
~ John H. Groberg

I love this quote and I don’t think I’m anywhere close to ask for any trials to come my way to grow just yet!  But it is so true that we grow the most during the ‘hard’ times in our lives.

So this is the time we normally set some goals set for the new year.  I have a few things I would love to add on my list, one is definitely to make sure that I try and stay faithful in doing my daily blog post and to keep my photography post up to date as I have been very bad with especially the photography posts.

Some goals and happenings for the year 2017:

  • I would like to do a quilt this year.  I have a picture in my head and would start soon, so watch this space for more about this project.
  • Learn something new in my photography.
  • Yes, I need to lose a few kilos this year.  Do a hike again…
  • Our last year of seminary and I’m excited for this.
  • My Bronwen is coming home…

So this will be an exciting year for sure!

Some of my favourite photos of this year…

I have so many more, but my dear hubby left my laptop in Zambia and I’ve stored my photos on my Apple Hard drive and can only get to it via my laptop.  Needless to say he was in the dog box for a few days about it and I’m still getting upset when I think about it.  Hopefully I will have it home soon again!

Something to think about:

Jeffrey R. Holland said: “No one makes us mad. Others don’t make us angry. Becoming angry is a conscious choice or decision. Therefore, we can make the choice not to become angry. We choose!”