The perfect wife … or not!

The perfect wife … or not!

From little we get told as girls that we need to be the perfect wife one day…  Heck even at Church we were told that we need to obey our husbands who in turn will obey The Lord.  So does this make me inferior to the men?  Does this mean I don’t have a say?  No and a million times NO!!!  I have equal rights to any man walking this earth.  And young ladies don’t let anybody make you believe differently!  And you men out there don’t think because your wife loves you and spoils you, that that is your right, no it’s not.  Woman in general is just more giving, more nurturing and therefore we love spoiling others, but don’t ever think that is because we have to do it!

I can actually see all of you frowning at this exact moment trying to figure out why I am so passionately going off on this topic today…  Well let me enlighten your minds.  I was listening to President Gordon B. Hinckley’s video clip ‘The Woman in Our Lives’ and he was defending the importance of Woman in this life…  Video clip for our seminary lesson this evening.

This morning I was anything but the perfect wife or example, I was up early enough, but got busy only got around to get bathed and dress after 11h00.  Never ever start your day with Family History before you have gotten dressed.  I have Wayne’s 4 generation filled and all my girls’ as well, but alas I have one ancestor that is so stubborn, and no Julie not our common ancestor Cornelia Christina Anna BAKKER, whom I would be eternally grateful for your help…  No, I am talking about my great grandmother from my Dad’s side, Maud Eliza REID, I’m struggling to find her parents, a witness on her marital certificate happens to be a William REED, they have a middle name, but boy this guy’s handwriting is BAD!!!  Anyway that’s beyond the point…  The point is don’t start searching for your missing ancestors before getting ready in the morning…

At least I have officially finished the placemats for Danielle (they were meant to be a gift at one of her kitchen teas and she’s married for a month already).  I am super stoked with myself and my corners.  Have I mentioned how I love Pinterest?


I really had a tough time with my corners and with the tutorial of a few post combined I think I have finally figured it out and this is my method of choice now.  And with more practice, will come perfection…

I can actually tackle my UFO’s in the cupboard and finish them all.

Just need to get myself a long-arm to quilt my super big Bargello.  Maybe I should just move to the USA so I can get myself all of the tools to finish my UFO’s…  Maybe just a visit…


This was most definitely a fun top to work on, but far too big to do the quilting on my normal machine, maybe I must just try…  I can still remember how Francois and I wrecked the poor woman’s stall at the quilt-fair, but we have done well with the colours!  Francois this one is yours, eventually…

To get back to my original topic, what is perfect anyway?  I think my children are fantastic and as close to perfect as any human can be, my husband is still alive…  We eat most nights a proper cooked meal…  So what is perfect anyway?
Just do yourselves a favour and listen to Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk, ‘Be Ye Therefore Perfect—Eventually

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