Trying to catch up with my photography posts…

Oh wow, I actually feel guilty for neglecting my blog…  I had the opportunity to take some photos of a wedding in Lesotho and it was amazing.  I love the couple and this said couple has moved to Cape Town in the meantime.

Stunning people and I know that they will for sure make it far in life, Mr and Mrs Shao

My daughter Danielle is now a Mrs Wainwright and so she had a wedding in between as well…


I am going to be a grandmother, not sure what I want to be called, either Nanna or Ouma…  Super excited about this new stage of our lives!

These photos was taken to announce on FB that they were expecting…

The weekend of the 24th of September was our last ‘pay weekend’ visit till after Frederik’s appearance so no visit during October…  I was allowed to take some photos, but I must add I only get to take 10 photos, thank you Francois for being so kind.

Next photos would be of my little grandson himself!

My Lissie, aka Clarissa had her matric farewell and that is just sad, as this means that my baby is also going into her next stage of her life…

I know I was taught this past week that I need to label my photos and I promise with my next batch of photos it would be labelled other than IMG…



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