Why do a Friendship Shoot?

Why is it important to do friendship shoots?  Today with the technology of cellphones it makes it easy to snap a few photos, so why use a photographer to do a shoot?  Growing up we did not use photographers for anything other than taking our wedding photos.  I actually grew up before the digital world so if you did take photos it was on film strip and then you had to go develop it once the film roll was full.  Hope and pray that the photos came out good.  No cellphones to take selfies with, yes, yes I am that old!!!


While going through my files of photos to add in the post I came upon this one and it is one of my favourites, for a whole lot of reasons…  having had just brothers I was lucky enough to have only 4 daughters and a sister is your first friend ever and also the friend that you have for a lifetime.  Sister love is the best kind of love out there!  This specific photo was taken to send to the 4th sister while serving a mission in the England London Mission.  It is time I take a photo of the three in South Africa to send to our island girl in Jamaica serving her mission in the Jamaica Kingston Mission

Some friends is seasonal and others is sisters for life.  No matter how far away and how long ago you haven’t seen each other you will always have a bond.

So why do we need to get some done by a photographer other than a cellphone photographer with all sorts of filters and stuff you get on your cellphone devices?  There is a thrill attached to getting a photo-shoot done, you get your hair done, do a little effort on your wardrobe and then you have the real thing.  And think of it, is it worth paying someone to get the experience of doing a friendship shoot?  Hell yea!!!  But it doesn’t end here, remember some friends are seasonal and others for a lifetime…  Do yourself the favour and book with your local photographer for a friendship shoot, get all dressed up, do your make-up (and a make-up artist is any photographers best friend) and have fun and capture this moment for a lifetime and for your prosperity.

A picture can capture memories for a lifetime…


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