Using Kelvin

I’ve been taught to use Kelvin by my favourite tutor Keith Rawlins and since then I have not use anything else.  Most of my photos I go rather to the cold side than the warmth.  Personal preference I guess.  Other photographers will say no they love the warm side again, but photography is definitely an art and as artists we like different things…

The above photos both was taken literally minutes apart and at the same place of the same couple, only difference in the setting was the White Balance from a very warm to very cold Kelvin.

Wedding 493

I like this, but I prefer the warmer one in this case.  Yes I know I’ve said most of my photos tend to be colder,  but in this case I prefer the other!  Settings on my camera was ISO 400 and with my shutterspeed at 1/320 with the F-stop at F32 and Kelvin set as low as 3000 Kelvin, I used my 70-200 at 70 focal point.

Wedding 495

I prefer this one!  All the same setting as the above with only the kelvin set at 5150.  So when someone tell you that the White Balance don’t have an effect on your photography, they obviously haven’t played around with it or it is set on AWB.

As you can see I need to practise a little more with my starburts…  I will get it still!

I love silhouttes a little more each time I get it right!

Wedding 486


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