Wynand and Karlé’s fairy tale wedding

I had the pleasure of taking the wedding photos for Karlé and Wynand Potgieter on the 26th of March 2016, yes I know it has been a very long time ago already!  I have said I have been bad in keeping my photography posts up to date, and I have repented and is trying to do so now…

I love the finer detail of any wedding and Karlé really have gone the extra mile with all her little details.  Some more of the detailed photos:

Wynand is definitely a wonderful catch Karlé and so patient…  Before the wedding he was on ‘ant’ patrol at the venue and patiently removed ants from some of the little goodies on the table…  Ants everywhere at the moment…

But then again, Karlé is an equal catch as well.  I love taking photos of her…

I believe you need to have black and white photos.  I just love b&w photos…

And a little more of the photos I just loved:

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lovely fairy tale wedding!


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