#neteenskool / #onlyoneschool

Wow where to begin…  I haven’t done a wordpress blog entry in so long that I could hardly recognize the site.  My bad!  But today that will change I have a few blogs on my mind and will start with the Witteberg one!  I almost feel like I am cheating on Eunice (school all three the oldest sibling matriculated at), but Witteberg High School seriously impressed me.

I w01ff6c27f023e868768ae6f8262cac1fe2ae0173d9as scared out of my wits by the proffesionals about the Colour powder used for Colour Runs and festivals…  And living in Bethlehem with no camara gear shops anywhere close by, I had to make a plan to protect my camera…

It was not pretty, but very effective in the end.

The results of the finished products was really speaking volumes for itself…  I love it when a School is taking so much time and effort to put into the welfare and happiness of their students.  My Clarissa has never been this happy at a School as at Witteberg, it is most definitely #neteenskool (translation for my English friends #onlyoneschool).  No child is left behind, everyone gets included in their activities…  I am one proud mamma!

The photos excede my expectation totally and I would most definitely do a Colour Powder photo again in the near future…  Anyone up to getting messy, let me know!

The teachers at this school have’GEES’ (translated into English, ‘spirit’)

Introduction of all the teams is what the Big Brag was all about!


This amazing Colour resulted in the following:



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