Oh so stressful, wedding photos in the lovely cold wet Bloemfontein

My gorgeous eldest daughter and child, as I only have daughters, got married on the 27th of June.  How did I land up doing her wedding photos?  Good question, I’m still wondering about this myself.

But since it’s been my first and I don’t know if I will ever venture into that stressful venture again to do photos at another daughter’s wedding…  Will have to wait and see!!!

The idilic day started not so wonderful, it started raining as it should not do in winter time, non-stop Friday during the night and carried on raining until just before the wedding was about to start.  For the first time ever we as a family prayed for the rain to cease.  I honestly started going into a panic attack when it just rained and rained…

Koch wedding066

I would like to take time now to thank Renskie Rossouw for the stunning dresses, the girls all looked stunning in the bridesmaids dresses and the bride was breathtakingly gorgeous in her dress.  Thank you so much!

I think as a mother I got emotional so many times and being behind the lens was difficult at times and my mom had to jump in regularly to help with the little thing ‘mommy’ was meant to do.  Thank you Mamma for being my pillar of strength when you were needed.  Even when it was to just spray antistatic on the girls legs.

My gorgeous Tamaran was such stunning bride!  I could not have been more proud of the young lady she has become.

Koch wedding141

I’ve spoken about the 8 cow wife on my other blog, click on the link and take a look at it.  I’m so grateful that my daughter chose well and that she married someone that would love her unconditionally.  Thank you Francois for looking after my baby.

They are such a wonderful couple.  And even while the day started miserable and wet and horrible it turned out to be an awesome evening.  There is an old wives tale that say that when it rain on your wedding day, that your marriage will be a blessed one.  And I believe this will be a blessed one!

Koch wedding594a


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