Tamaran’s Kitchen Tea

Kitschen tea pg 1

Tamaran when you had the Kitchen Tea you know time is getting little and the wedding is around the corner.

And always take photos of the events as you won’t remember anything in a year or two.  Photos is an amazing way of keeping record of any event.  I’m so grateful that I can be keeping record of this special event in your life Tamaran.  These are memories that you would be able to treasure for years to come.

Kitchen tea 2

The future teachers.  They will all finish the end of this year with their studies.  We just missed Gabriella, she was at work.  Four years is a long time to spend together and you cannot other than form a bond.  Good luck with the up-coming exams girls and remember to enjoy the last little stretch of your studies.


Kitchen tea 3

I am so lucky to have such gorgeous daughters with gorgeous friends.  It’s so easy to take photos of such gorgeous people.  Just one more photo and I think I need to arrange a shoot with this young lady she’s gorgeous and the camera loves her.



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