I grew up with knowing the flower as the ‘varkoor’, I really don’t know why.  Direct translation is pigs ear, yes I know it doesn’t make sense.  It is also known as an Arum Lily.  This is my absolute favourite flower.  When you drive to certain areas in South Africa they literally grow wild in marshy wet areas.  Stunning, beyond words.  This one is growing in my garden and they have gorgeous big flowers, I was so sad when we moved from Bloemfontein and I knew I’m going to have to leave my plants behind, imagine my delight when I discovered I have even bigger and better plants in the new garden.  For those that would like to have there scientific name: Zantedeschia.

Just a little family history:~  My dad was so excited the one day, he got home with a whole lot of bulbs and told my mom that he got her black ‘varkore’.  And yes you do get black ones, as well as yellow and I think a pinkish colour.  So excitedly these bulbs were planted and then the long wait started for the plants to grow and eventually carry flowers.  I will never forget the disappointment on my dad’s face when they were all the white flowers.  Sadly he was taken by some or other not so honest salesman from the Western Cape.  I love my dad and miss him every day.


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