4 Legged children

Photo a Day 02/01

I know there is people out there that believe animals need to be outside and ‘protect’ the humans, well in our home that will most definitely not be the case as our pets is more than spoilt!  And with a daughter that is a very big animal lover we have enough of those.  So today for my photo of the day I decided to catch some of these to be my models, easier said than done as they are not the most obedient were it comes to sit and smile or pose or …

Pets003    This is our Bella, she was bought for Tamaran as she really wanted a Labrador.  But I’m pretty sure she originated from a puppy mill as she’s almost 3 and still petrified of any humans other than her own humans.  And even if you raise your voice just a little she runs for it.  We love her too bits and I’m sure she would kill to protect her humans.

Pets008  Then we have our baby in the home, another one of Tamaran’s that would probably never leave home as she is so spoilt and the “boss”.  When we drive into the yard my hubby, Wayne would say where is the little one, we can drive over anyone just not the little one!  She is such a cutie and so loveable.

As you can take note these were both bought by and for our Tamaran.  But when she gets married in June they will carry on staying by us as they will not be able to be alone all day and anyway how would I cope with them and my baby away?!


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