Photo a day

I haven’t disappeared from Mother Earth just yet!  We moved to a little town called Bethlehem in the Free State and therefore I need to find my feet in this town all over again, but I’m up for a challenge.  But photography wise I haven’t touched my camera for almost a month and then last week the withdrawals became to much.  These next two photos was the results of that withdrawal:

The scenery in Bethlehem is breathtaking and I am looking forward to start taking photos.

Last night I took my camera and just played around the house using my nifty fifty.  I love my 50 mm lens.  So this morning I decided I need to challenge myself and take a photo a day again!

These next shots is taken Friday the 30th of January and hopefully you will see one or more, but at least one photo a day for the next however many days left in 2015.  Never too late for a New Years resolution!

I will post today’s photo a little later.  I’m excited and hope to get some models to play with to be able to complete this challenge.


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