Love you dad

So yesterday was my birthday and its always a very emotional draining day for me, so you all will probably by now start to think what does this got to do with photography.  Just keep reading and I will explain.

My dad is the reason for my emotional tidal wave on my birthday, my husband don’t understand so I just let them believe I’m grumpy on my birthday, leave me alone.  Let me tell you about my dad, he by no means was a perfect man, but he loved perfectly!  He treated my mom like a queen every year on her birthday and valentine’s day and always made sure that he send flowers to the house via florist while he is at work and always got my mom something special.  He made sure she knew he cared.  Oh boy and did he spoil me!  I was his little princess and I don’t think I ever told him I love him enough.

Now this is where the photography part comes in, I can’t find but one photo of myself and my dad together.  Not even one!  So people get photos taken, before it is too late!!!!

Try and do a family portrait at least ones a year, I’m guilty as well!  Set a date that everybody in the family knows this is our formal family portrait date, book a photographer and get it done.  You don’t need to get it all set on canvas, but just think how you will see your family grow year by year and don’t wait for the regret and I should have’s.  Especially with grandparents!

So this is my challenge to all of us, get a family portrait done by a professional.  Watch this space for mine as well.


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