The importance of learning

Photography like in any other professional occupation require you to stay up to date with changes and new techniques, that is why I think it is so vital to attend all the workshops you can to gain more knowledge and better your OWN technique. A little while ago I attended a wedding workshop and would like to share some of the photos taken at this workshop with you.  The workshop was given by the talented Francois Slabbert from Palm Photography and hosted by Jackie from Blackford Photography.

I must just add that the couple were models and in no way in a relationship with each other, they were very professional and a pleasure to work with.  The gorgeous Luzanne was dressed in a Casper Bosman design and she was just stunning in this dress!

And a quick tip to brides-to-be, please go look at your venue at the time the wedding would take place to see how much sun and light comes into the room.  I was at a venue recently and the sun was so blinding and the poor couple and preacher nearly burned to death in the middle of winter.

Another tip, make sure the room where you get ready has got lovely white or whitish walls and not any bright colour or worse yellow walls, nightmare for the photographer if the walls are yellow.

Just saying, these will be factors that can make your wedding photos gorgeous or not so gorgeous and imagine going out after you tied the knot and you are all sweaty and fainty 😉

Remember to ‘Capture the Moment’

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