New Beginnings

This weekend I’ve learned all about new techniques and new ways to blog.  Even though I had a blog or still have the blog, I was advised to use WordPress so here we go.  For those that would like to know a little more about the person behind the screen, I like to be behind the screen as well as the lens, very rarely would you find me smiling at the camera.  I’ve always taken photos, its been a passion for so long and about two years ago I’ve decided to get myself equip with more knowledge and I now have a diploma in Professional Photography and a few more certificates to improve my skills.  And now I’m taking the leap to make this my profession full time.  And I know this journey will be fantastic.  

I would like to thank Shanti Chantelle van Zyl and Keith Rawlins for sharing their knowledge with us.  I just loved the workshop and I’m sure I would attend more in the near future.  

I would like to add one of the photos taken this weekend, plenty more to follow.  So watch this space!

Toddler Gallery
This gorgeous little girl was so shy and I could not resist stealing this shot of her while her bigger sister was posing for the camera



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